Our division is led by a collective group of highly accomplished professionals who have been carefully selected and recruited over the past 21 years to establish our presence in the electronic trading sector. Since 2006, we have emerged as formidable competitors in electronic trading, distinguishing ourselves from the private retail sector by catering exclusively to institutional clients. Our success is predicated on the fact that our unique strategies and methodologies cannot be easily replicated, safeguarding our position in the industry.

With over 400 employees, we maintain three headquarters strategically located in major financial hubs across Europe. This allows us to effectively serve our clients and capitalize on the diverse opportunities presented by the global market. Our expertise spans across a wide range of markets, encompassing North and South America, Europe, and Asia. We consistently rank among the top 5 participants in terms of trading volume in over 50 markets, including esteemed exchanges such as the CME, Eurex Exchange, NYSE (including Arca and Arca Options), BATS Global Markets, NASDAQ, Chi-X, BrokerTec, HSX, FTSE, and eSpeed.

To ensure the utmost precision and efficiency in our trading activities, we have embraced the significance of real-time analytical information and harnessed technological advancements. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge algorithms into our daily trading routines, we continually fine-tune and optimize our strategies to maximize potential returns for all our clients.

Our primary offices are located in London, Zurich, and Amsterdam, which serve as the nerve centers for our operations. Additionally, we have established a network of outsourced analysts operating from key financial hubs such as the UAE, Singapore, New York, and more. This global presence enables us to leverage local expertise and insights, enhancing our ability to navigate and thrive in different markets worldwide.

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